Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow, I haven't done anything with this silly little blog in ages.
I didn't do much knitting over the summer. The first half of the summer I was too busy partying and sleeping, and the second half trying to do both of those things as well as work full time. 
But now I'm at college and I knit like a fiend. I joined the campus knit/crochet club and I'm learning new interesting things and just enjoying seeing what other people are doing.

Right now I'm in Christmas present making mode. Here are the socks I'm working on, probably for my mom. Pattern is "Monkey" from Knitty.

It's my first time doing top-down and it's going pretty well. I'm almost done with the first sock.

Really I am just blogging to procrastinate on writing an essay for my Honors 199 class about Lee Iacocca. Bo-ring.

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