Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nonknitting Things

It's been way too long since I've seen The Royal Tenenbaums.  It's been at least two or three months. I neeeeeed it!

Johnathan Rice. Jenny Lewis. Terrifying red puppet. Total adoration on my part.

That's all, I guess. Coming soon: my new convertible mittens, knitted up on a Lazy Saturday, and some fingerless gloves, knitted up yesterday. And a laptop case that I sewed today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mica and I got together and gathered up our knitting projects, failed or otherwise, to document and laugh at them. Here they are, along with some miscellaneous ones.

Ma siphoned some flowers from the zillions that Dad received after his surgery and sent them back to school with me. They're bright and happy and wonderful.

I'm also gnome-sitting. You can't see it, but he has a gaping hole in his side. Poor gnome.

Okay, onto knitting-related things.

And by knitting, first I mean crocheting. I made this little guy during finals week of last year, watching America's Next Top Model, taking a break from my Women's Lit final. Thus, he is influenced by both Tyra Banks and Virginia Woolf. See the resemblance?

These were my first attempt at Knucks from Knitty. ( It was my first time using double pointed needles and my first time knitting in the round ever. They are ridiculous. Judge them all you want.
Mica is sad about them:

Also, I did not understand the concept of SSK, so I just did k2togs for all of them. I feel like this might contribute to their hideous size. That and my similar lack of knowledge about gauge and needle size and the like.

Hideous arm warmers. These were knit flat and crocheted up the sides-- they're just bad in many ways. :hides in bottom of knitting basket:

Sockies. Lace pattern from Knitty's Coupling socks ( Knit toe-up with a short row heel.

Mica's glaucomic owl! I don't remember where she got the pattern. He lives on the railing of my bed's loft now, watching me sleep with his creepy glaucoma eyes. Moral of this story: keep your floats loose when doing fair isle.

Mica's hat, from Knitty's Astrodome. (

Yarn-dying on the stove top results:

I was going for red and green and white, like a peppermint, but I went a little purple heavy and ended up with this.

The second result. I like this one a bit better.

(aka, things we are working on)
-Cleaves sweater, from Knitty
-Daisy stitch arm warmers from Purl Bee
-Hideous lion armwarmers
-more dyeing (not dying) fun.

Christine (+ Mica!)