Friday, January 2, 2009

So, I'm an idiot, and I was using the wrong needle size when making the Mrs. Darcy cardi. I realized this after I finished the back and sides, sewed them up, and discovered it was much, much too small. It still fits on my body, but I would never wear it in public.
I finished it, making it with short sleeves to save time since I knew I won't wear it. I'll give it to someone small, I guess?
I'm going to put the whole thing aside for a while and work on some other projects, then make it again with the correct needle size.

Remember that Koigu sock-- turns out you need two skeins of Koigu to make a pair of socks. So I have 1.75 socks. I got frustrated and also put that away.

So right now I'm working on some simple cabled mittens with my Malabrigo wool. It's really delightful to work with, and the mittens are beautiful. I'll post pics when I finish the second one.  I wish I would've knitted more this break.. but I have caught up on my sleep!