Monday, March 30, 2009

Renate's dress

Finally finished, seamed, and blocked Renate's dress!
sorry for the crappy photo quality--sometimes for just one picture, photobooth has to suffice.
The colors are super wonky in this photo-the blue is actually a bright, almost greenish teal, and the purple is a bright royal purple. 
I made it in the 6th month size so it will probably be big for her when she comes home for Easter, but hopefully she can wear it pretty soon.

Pattern is from
The suggested yarn is a really nice, flowing-colored wool (Malabrigo) which I think I will use when I make this dress for my other niece who is due very soon, Olivia Jane.

Monday, March 23, 2009

This may be difficult to believe, but I took something of a knitting hiatus for a few weeks. (I ventured into sewing, however, so my hands were still busy [and getting pricked to bits, I tell you what]).
Anyway, this is my foray back into knitting: Knitty's Topaz baby dress, for my 3 month old niece, Renate! Patt is here:

This is Renate and I.

This is the back of the dress, unblocked, so I had to use some props to keep it from curling. I have the front done to just past the colorwork section. I'm using cascade 220 in a bright teal and dark purple--this photo doesn't really show the true colors. The pattern suggests malabrigo, a single ply semisolid yarn, and I can see why: it would be really beautiful with flowing colors.

Renate's dress matches Kara's birthday hat! (pattern: Lee Meredith's Vortex from Knitty)

Random shot of my little corner under my loft: knitting baskets, yoga mat, gatorade, camera bag. favorite things!

The view out my dorm room window on a springy day.

enjoy the beautiful weather!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring break sewing

So, I fail at blogging again. I guess I just don't know how to get started--how do I get people to read my blog? I guess not posting is not a good way to start.
So, recent crafting:

I made a skirt from a sweatshirt using an XXL ball state sweatshirt and with help from leethal's tutorial:
My mom thinks it looks funny and I shouldn't wear it in public, but I like it. A good lazy day at the dorm skirt.

I went to goodwill and bought (among other things, I'll save that for another post) a set of twin sheets, and loosely followed this tutorial: to make a very swingy skirt. Like the url suggests, it was cheap, but for me, not fast: it was really my first garment-sewing experiment, save the snip and stitch skirt above, and I had a mishap with the elastic- it got stuck in the hem casing and I could not get it out, and didn't want to rip out the stitches. Luckily, my mom brought home a pair of forceps from work and I fished it out. Crisis averted.