Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring break sewing

So, I fail at blogging again. I guess I just don't know how to get started--how do I get people to read my blog? I guess not posting is not a good way to start.
So, recent crafting:

I made a skirt from a sweatshirt using an XXL ball state sweatshirt and with help from leethal's tutorial:
My mom thinks it looks funny and I shouldn't wear it in public, but I like it. A good lazy day at the dorm skirt.

I went to goodwill and bought (among other things, I'll save that for another post) a set of twin sheets, and loosely followed this tutorial: to make a very swingy skirt. Like the url suggests, it was cheap, but for me, not fast: it was really my first garment-sewing experiment, save the snip and stitch skirt above, and I had a mishap with the elastic- it got stuck in the hem casing and I could not get it out, and didn't want to rip out the stitches. Luckily, my mom brought home a pair of forceps from work and I fished it out. Crisis averted.

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