Sunday, May 10, 2009


This morning, was perusing the internets, and found this:

It's a knit octopus. Wearing a little, knit-octopus sized sweater.
And I decided that I must have one in my possession, immediately.
So I knitted one today!

I shall call him Hector, Hector the Hexopus.

Like the flikr example, I used the Oh Balls! pattern from I Like Lemons as a starting point. I decided to make the whole sphere and then pick up stitches and knit the tentacles as i-cords. However, I was just knitting on the fly while visiting with my family, and I didn't plan very well, so he only has six tentacles. Which I suppose makes him a hexopus.
I then started the sweater, basically just a tube wide enough to fit around his body, which i then picked up stitches from and made into smaller tubes as sleeves. I was having issues getting the sleeve width to line up with the tentacle width, so he only has two sleeves. Poor guy, I guess he's missing out on several fronts.

but at least he's cute!

He will probably go to my friends as a housewarming gift.  My next knitting fantasy is a whole slew of sea creatures in sweaters. Fish, turtles, whales, seahorses, plankton, the whole bit. All in little tiny sweaters. :D

Also, I went to prom. It was fun. I danced like a dancin' fool, emphasis on fool.

This is me and my mom antes de prom. Speaking of Mom, 20 minutes ago, it was mother's day. Happy Mother's Day, mothers!

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Cathy said...

I'm sure Renate would love a sea creature in a sweater! (And I'm also sure you have nothing else to do but knit stuff for my daughter!) See you soon!