Wednesday, April 8, 2009

some dolls and a hat

I was cruising the Purl Bee website (one of my favorite knitting/sewing blogs) and they posted this little gem:
And the site of the woman who makes them:

I really want to make some for my nieces!
Some of the dolls border on the creepy, but that's kind of my thing. And I could knit little outfits for them! :D

Speaking of knitting, here is the hat I knitted for my still-in-utero niece, Olivia Jane:

It's just a basic flat-knit baby hat with a seed stitch brim (no pattern) in a really soft acrylic (possibly an acrylic/wool blend?) from my stash. I embroidered her initials (and her nickname, OJ) with a bit of stash wool. 
Next up: A little hat for her that looks like a little orange on her head, to go with her nickname. My other niece, Renate, has an apple hat. I've also thought about doing an olive hat for OJ, but that would be less cute. I suppose I should make one for my nephew, too... what fruit should I make?

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Cathy said...

I think you should make a banana hat for Alec